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The island of Krapanj is the lowest and the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic. Its highest altitude does not exceed 1.25 m and it is only 300 m away from the mainland. Krapanj is the island of the centuries-old tradition of diving, sponge harvesting and processing and fishing.

The centre of Krapanj consists of mostly stone houses, which form a network of narrow stone streets, characteristic of the Dalmatian landscape. A centuries-old pine forest and the monastery of the Holy Cross must be pointed out. The museum of the monastery houses numerous exhibits that show the life on Krapanj in the past.


Souvenir shop and sponge gallery Žitak – Fina Dalmata d.o.o.

This gallery and souvenir shop is a family company run by Mrs. Divna Gašperov Jurić. It is engaged in sponge processing and production of various sponge souvenirs. You can see here various types of sponges and souvenirs that can be used as decorations and for everyday use in household and cosmetics. You can also look around and buy some other traditional souvenirs. It has a nice and warm ambiance with an island spirit that you will surely feel if you take a visit …

St. Lawrence’s oil mill from 1584

The island of Krapanj houses the Museum and the oil mill of St. Lawrence, dating from the 15th century where you will be presented how olive oil was produced in the past. The original machines, the products made from olive oil and various souvenirs will take you to the 15th century and provide you with all the information you are interested in. The oil mill also hosts poetry evenings, art exhibitions and various lectures due to its beautiful authentic ambiance.


Church of the Holy Cross with the monastery and the museum

The church on the island of Krapanj was consecrated in 1523. Within the church, there is a monastery and a cloister with a Renaissance well and a church museum. The old church paintings, incunabula, votive jewellery and amphorae, corals and sponges can be seen in the museum. A crucifix made of olive wood brought from Jerusalem in 1523 is located in the church.

Diving museum at the Spongiola Hotel

The small family hotel Spongiola, located on the island of Krapanj, keeps old diving equipment, a diving suit, heavy shoes and the first hyperbaric chamber from the 19th century, which you can see. There are also old photographs of divers and documentaries about diving and sponge harvesting in these areas.


Spuga 2 Museum and Souvenir Shop – Krapanj Island

The Tanfara family started their sponge business in 1896 with great-grandfather Roko Tanfara. That practice, which has been around for over 100 years, has been passed down from generation to generation, from father to son. Throughout the history of diving in the family there have been unfortunate events during diving, however they did not negatively affect the practice of diving in the family, but, on the contrary, they motivated the family to move forward equipped with the accumulatedknowledge and determination.

Because of this, they treat each harvested spongewith pride, passion and love, and continue the tradition by respecting the place where it all started 300 years ago – the island of Krapanj.

Now, anambition has finally been realized and a sponge museum and sponge processing facility have been opened. Furthermore, in collaboration with a prominent pharmaceutical company, a new method of sponge processing has been patented.

During your visit to ‘’Spugi 2’’, our friendly staff will inform you about everything related to sponge diving, diving and an enduring family tradition.

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